19 NovCustomizing your Denim Jacket with Iron on Patches

Iron on patches are a great way to bring out your artistic side in decorating your clothes. They are a quick, expert and inexpensive solution when you are looking to repair or even enhance the visual appeal of any item of clothing. This type of patches works well on any dress material most especially on denim material because of the strength and durability of the fabric.

If you want to customize your denim jacket, then this type of patch is a great way to go. You can make a fashion statement and even express your personality with the use of these patches. This is also an excellent way to repair any damages on your jacket. You can mend worn spot or hole or hide stain and even accentuate your jacket with these patches.

jacketpatchWhen customizing a denim jacket, the first thing to do is to decide on the theme. Perhaps you can choose iron on patches that reveal your interests such as music or any other form of art. You also have to figure out the number of pieces that you need. The sizes and shapes of the patches are also important factors to consider. You can cut pieces of paper and lay them on your jacket to determine the exact dimension of the items to look for. In addition, it is also essential that you look for patches that match the color of your jacket well.

For economy and convenience, it is highly advisable for you to purchase the patches from a reliable online store. When you do this, you also get to check a wide range of patches that you can choose from. You can choose from a wide range of styles, sizes and colors depending on your needs. You can surely get the item that meets your requirements perfectly when you order from a reliable online shop. So if you want to have a stylish jacket, then it is best that you customize it with high quality iron on patches.

Reliable online stores deliver your patches quickly, so you can be sure that the items will be right at your doorstep in no time. As soon as you receive your patches, you can also start with your project immediately. You can start by laying your jacket on a flat surface. Then, you can place your patches on the jacket in different arrangements until you achieve your desired look. You can use pins to maintain the patch in their places temporarily. You can now turn your jacket over, so you can work on the back portion. Remember that you have to place the pins under the material to avoid enclosing them between the jacket and the patches.

Iron on patches are equipped with strong adhesive on their backs. This adhesive attaches to the dress material quickly and firmly when heated. It also produces a permanent effect so you have to be very careful when attaching the patches to the dress material. You have to make sure that the patches are right where you want them before you go on the adhesion process. If you plan to cover a hole on your jacket with a patch, then you have to use a patch that is large enough to cover the damage completely. In addition, you have to place a piece of waxed paper under the damaged portion before attaching the patch to the material to prevent the patch from sticking your jacket from the front to the back.

To get excellent results, you should work on one patch at a time. Press the hot iron firmly on your patch. Put some strong pressure while you are moving the hot iron back and forth over your patch for a minimum of one minute. Let it cool down for at least five minutes before moving your jacket. Then, you can proudly wear your denim jacket customized with stylish iron on patches.